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What we are:

Servant Leaders. We believe business is not primarily about making money. It is about serving others, which leads to our efforts being rewarded with buying power (money). Let’s put it another way: We want to do such a good job that you are happy to pay us for it. Business is about the distinctly human characteristic of relationships. A healthy relationship is always a two-way street – there is always give and take. Economically, this boils down to great service offered, reward for work given.

Because of this, we have a lot of values. They are the backbone of our company. Here are the three most important values that make us tick.

Exemplary communication.

Many would think of communication as a tactic, not a value. But if we are to take our Primary Aim literally, we must embed perfect communication into our business. We cannot serve a customer if their needs are not heard – or if we are unable to offer relevant feedback. Proper leadership, respect, correction, and camaraderie all hinge on proper communication. Humans communicate. Humans do business. Therefore ICT communicates.

Habit-driven success.

What sets a top performer apart? A perfect environment? The perfect genes? A great education? Those things help, but they are not truly the answer. The answer is: habits. Top performers habitualize success. If we are to serve a customer properly, our techs have to install correctly – every time. Our management has to lead effectively – every time. Our CEOs have to strategize appropriately – every time. We have taken countless hours to identify and train the core habits of successful technicians, managers, and CEOs. 

Ownership of the job.

Our techs don’t just do your work. They do their work. Our managers don’t lead someone else’s teams. They lead their teams. Our CEOs don’t solve other’s problems. They solve their problems. Cocky? No. If everyone takes responsibility for their part, proper ownership of the job takes care of the job… and your experience with us.

    Recent Project in the MidWest

  • Commscope Cabling

  • Wireless Access Points

  • Router, Switch & Server Installation

  • Structured Cabling

  • RG6 Coax Cabling

  • VOIP Installation

  • CAT 6

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James Lundberg CEO


” We created ICT as a company of Integrity, Honesty and Trust to provide each and every customer faith in what we do.”

James Lundberg CEO & Founder 


“We’ve built a culture of servant leaders. Servant means provider. Leader means first.” 

Jeremy Metzger co-CEO

Jeremy Metzger co-CEO

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